Taytay ni Juan

God save our souls!

“Mother Earth” should not be worshipped. Never ever confuse it with stewardship of the earth. That’s where Satan’s hideous tricks play.

An obligation to preserve the planet only makes sense with the understanding that we are a part of God’s created order. We are tasked to be its caregivers.

Pachamama: the Mother Earth goddess of Climate Change ideologues.

Everything, the whole universe, and cosmos are under the dominion of our Lord Jesus Christ.

There are no spirits with equal or superior power than that of our Sovereign Lord, or even like that of the one immaculately conceived by the Holy Spirit—the Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and Earth.

Pachamama idols worshipped in Amazon Synod and “blessed” at the Vatican recently this November 2019. A symbol of pronounced femininity. An act of apostasy. A scandal at the very top of the Catholic Church.

Saint Pope Gregory the Great (590 to 604 A.D.) sent Saint Augustine of Canterbury to evangelize the then-pagan Anglo-Saxons in England. His instructions were: “Tell Bishop Augustine…the idol temples of that race should not be destroyed, but only the idols in them. Let blessed water be prepared, and sprinkled in these temples, and altars constructed, and relics deposited. For if these temples are well built, it is essential that they should be transferred from the worship of devils to the service of the true God.”

St. Bede in his Ecclesiastical History of the English People

Hence, an invocation of the “Mother Earth” and its mythical power—from which idolaters ask blessings or make any gestures of gratitude—are nothing but scandalous demonic sacrileges. They’re detestable.

This is but a new One-World eco-religion linked to Mother Earth. It does not suddenly strike like a lightning out of the blue. It’s a result of a prolonged process that begins with the loss of true Faith, and a distorted desire for an ever-changing world.

A New World Order: a rising new eco-religion linked to “Mother Earth”, the goddess of Climate Change ideologues.

Respect and save the natural environment. It’s our common finite home. That’s well and good. Though, in the end, it will surely perish as it’s in Sacred Scriptures.

Most important of all, save each and every human soul. Each and every one of our own. This for Eternity—for those of us who faithfully profess the Creed.

Beware then. Be not deceived. Be much discerning.

Blessed Mother Mary, pray for us sinners.

Lord Jesus, we trust in You who reigns Eternal.

Mary—the Queen of Heaven and Earth—is venerated, not worshipped. Blessed are those who seek recourse to Thee. Listen to the Woman as she says “do as Jesus tells you.”